Why should you learn Guitar?

Guitar is a great instrument to show your talent and creativity to the world. There are number of people who love to play because they want to look cool, since guitarists are very popular for their personality. Some other people love to play guitar because they want to impress others. However, there are numerous other reasons why one should learn to play guitar. Learning guitar is not everyone’s cup of coffee as it requires a lot of concentration to produce sounds on the musical instrument. Here are some of the most popular reasons to move your fingers on the guitar strings:

Gives Pleasure

Learning to play guitar contributes to the happiness of a person. When anyone plays guitar, it releases the hormone Dopamine in the brain which results in making us feel good. Not only the person who plays guitar feels happy but all the nearby individuals who listen to the sound produced by the guitar feel happy. Also, when you play guitar in a room full of people then it leaves an excellent impression on the minds of the audience and makes them happy. Hence, it ultimately increases the social engagement of a person.

Relieves Stress

Guitar is a wonderful instrument to play to release stress. It has been proved by many studies that when someone plays the guitar, it has a very positive effect on the brain. The sound produced by guitar helps to create an atmosphere of calmness in the mind and relaxes it completely. So, whether you are tensed due your boss or any other personal problem, playing guitar would always give you a reason to feel good.

Sharpens the Brain 

Studies have proved that playing guitar or any other musical instruments helps in sharpening the brain. When a person plays any musical instrument such as guitar, his mind gets focussed at one point and the situation becomes synonymous to that of meditation. Not only it helps to increase the learning capacity of the brain but also increases brain power. It plays a vital role in improving the concentration as well as the memory.

Physical Benefits 

Playing guitar also benefits us on physical grounds. For example, it helps to reduce weight when a person sings standing straight on the stage. Also, Stretching your hands and wrists while playing chords help to strengthen the hold of the wrist as well as hand. It helps to lower the blood pressure by playing guitar ballads. While writing a song and playing his solos on guitar, a person feels great and forgets his pain. In this way, it helps to relieve us of all the pain and stress in our body.

Professional Benefits 

Not only playing guitar helps to improve the personal as well as social life of a person, but it also impacts positively on our professional life. If you take a fixed interval of time out of your daily routine to play guitar, then it inculcates a habit of time management. You will not find it difficult to take some time out of your daily routine for other works too. Playing chords and solos can help to improve English and Maths skills of a person. It has been proved in several studies that learning to play guitar at a young age helps to improve children’s ability to answer reading comprehensions effectively than their peers.

Other benefits 

If you learn to play guitar well, then you have a greater chance of wooing a woman. It has been seen that women get attracted more towards the person who is good at playing guitar. Also, when you play guitar in public, it inspires others to feel good and ultimately leads to improving the quality of social life.

So, these were some of the benefits of playing a guitar in a person’s life. Not only it improves the quality of social, professional, physical, and mental health but also contributes in improving the environment around us. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your guitar and begin with some easy songs to play. You will start noticing the change in your lifestyle very quickly.

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