Top 5 Guitarists of USA

Guitar is a very versatile instrument to play and has many benefits on a person’s life. In the history of music, there were many guitarists who made a great name by performing live in the public. And when any guitar lover aspires to learn guitar, he imagines himself as playing like these popular guitarists. There are many guitarists from a wide variety of genre namely, classical, rock, folk, hard-rock, or funk music. All these guitarists have made an immense contribution in propelling learning Guitar in the minds of the listeners.

See, it is not easy to select the top 5 guitarists from a wide list. There are many criteria to judge the success of guitarists. It can be on the basis of their commercial success, their ability to entertain the audience fully, and for some, it is the technical skills of the guitarist that plays an important factor in deciding its popularity. But despite different criteria, some players enjoy worldwide fame. Here we have selected top 5 guitarists of the USA, who fall in such a category and have made an eternal mark in people’s hearts.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a great player of all time both on the basis of his technical skills as well as his ability to entertain the audience with full emotions. He was a self made guitarist and one of the great melodist as well as soloist of all time. Jimi Hendrix was the inventor of rock and blues. He is an inspiring name for the guitarists of today’s time. Hendrix was a left-handed guitar player and showed the left-handers that they too can play the guitar easily.

Robert Johnson

The musical and rock guitarist, Robert Johnson, learnt to play guitar with a great passion. Although he released a limited number of songs before his death, still he is remembered today for his contribution to the world of blues. He is one of the recognized guitarists of USA and is a source of inspiration for many guitar lovers.

Chuck Berry 

Chuck Berry was a great guitarist from America and had given many popular hits to the world. He was a singer, songwriter, and a guitarist and famous for rock n roll genre. Chuck Berry was an inspiration for many people and even today many consider him as his role model. He was the one who combined two different guitar styles namely blues and country.

Muddy Waters 

Muddy Waters was an American blues musician who is also known as “Father of modern Chicago Blues”. He used to imitate the local guitar players and played guitar since an early age of his life. Not only his influence was splendid on blues and rhythms but also on rock and roll, hard rock, folk music, jazz, and country music.

He had released many albums in his lifetime and won many awards for his splendid work. Some of the popular works of the guitarist are Hard Again, I’m Ready, King Bee, After the Rain, Super Blues, to name a few. His album, Folk Singer was not a commercial success but was lauded by the critics for its composition. Later it was placed on the list of 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone in 2003.

Jack White 

Jack White was a symbol of pop art and his works are equally famous in today’s time. All his performances were popular because of his excellent style, colorful way of performing and confusing the audience about whether his appearance is real or not? His works spoke for themselves and he used to drive people crazy in a magical manner. He was deeply influenced by traditional American music and had made a great contribution to the world of guitarists.

So, these were the top 5 guitarists who had done an exceptional work in their time. Not only they are popular in America but are also considered by the guitarists all over the world for their talent.

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