Top 10 Beginner Songs to play on Guitar

A lot of people aspire to learn guitar and move their hands on the strings of the guitar. The stylish way of performance by the guitarists compels the spectators to grab a guitar with their hands and wrist and play their favorite songs. However, some people end up losing track of the chords progression in a bid to copy their favorite guitarists’ style. What they forget is that learning to play a guitar is a step-by-step process and one needs to be patient enough to spend some time on the process.

While learning guitar has many health benefits, it is not very easy to learn this particular instrument. So while you are beginning to get a hand of Guitar, we have prepared a list of very easy beginner songs for you to play side by side. Here we have prepared a list of top 10 songs for beginners which one should try in order to get better at learning guitar:

Doesn’t Remind Me – Audioslave

This song was released by the American rock supergroup Audioslave in the year 2005. Not only the song was a hit but its video also receive an award. The chord progression for the song hinges around E, A, and D. Although the bridge of the song diverts as the song progresses, still you can pick this song to start.

Born Free – Kid Rock

The key for this song is E and its chord progression revolves around E, A. This is a perfect song for acoustic or electric guitar cover. This song was written for 1966 film of the same name and was a great hit. 

Rockstar – Nickelback

This is an easy song to play on guitar for the beginners. The entire song revolves around the chords Am, G, C, and F. Mainly G, C, and F are used during the verses and Am is thrown in for the chorus. What makes us select this song is its slow speed which makes available a plenty of time to the learner.

Fireflies – Owl City

What makes this song easy to learn is its easy chord progression. Although its actual chord is Bb, the song starts with C chord. And the progression of the song is C – G – Am – F. This is a little tricky song for the beginners if we follow the key Bb but it is very convenient to play the song with the key C.

Lightning Crashes – Livekey

It is advisable to play this song by using only three chords D, A, and E. This was released by the American rock band, Live as the third single for their album, Throwing Copper. The song became an instant hit and became extremely popular among the listeners. It is a good song to begin your learning on Guitar.

Shut Up, Kiss Me – Angel Olsen

This song was released by the songwriter and singer, Angel Olsen in the year 2016. Shut Up, Kiss Me is a rock song which the guitarist has played on G, C, D, and a simplified version of E minor.

All of Me – John Legend

In the music video, this song was played on piano and it is an emotional song to hear. The chords used in the song are E minor, G, C, and D. A minor comes in during the pre-chorus and chorus in the song.

What I Got – Sublime

It is an amazing song to play on Guitar and was ranked amongst the top 100 guitar songs of all time. The 1996 single hit requires two chords namely D and G to play the song through verse and chorus.

Thirteen – Ben Kweller

It was a 2016 song from the third album of Ben Kweller. The track can be run through only two one-finger chords, G, and C.

My Church – Maren Morris

Maren Morris won Grammy award for her song “My Church” and it was her debut song. The song runs on single chords and features single chord progression. It is a perfect song for a beginner to learn to play on guitar.

So, these were the top 10 songs for beginners which can be played on this amazing Musical Instrument.

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