Love Story Guitar Chords – Taylor Swift

love story guitar chords

Who all here is a fan of Romantic Songs? Love Story is truly one of the best love story songs I have ever heard so far. To top it up, Taylor Swift gave her voice to the song, which itself makes it an amazing number to hear. And I am sure most of you would

Despacito Guitar Chords – Easy Chords with Lyrics

despacito guitar chords

There is no doubt in claiming that Luis Fonsi’s Despacito is by far the most popular and viral song all over the world. With more than 5.5 Billion views on YouTube in just 1 year, no song has the capability to beat this and be at number 1 position. And hence, people are going crazy

Photograph (Ed Sheeran) – Guitar Chords with Lyrics

Photograph Guitar Chords with Lyrics

Photograph is Ed Sheeran’s one of the most popular tracks, released in 2014. Even today, this song is loved by many people. But amongst all, this song is in demand by the guitarists. Photograph was recorded for Ed Sheeran’s second album, X. The album was a great hit and contained many more beautiful tracks. The song

Top 5 Guitarists of USA

Guitar is a very versatile instrument to play and has many benefits on a person’s life. In the history of music, there were many guitarists who made a great name by performing live in the public. And when any guitar lover aspires to learn guitar, he imagines himself as playing like these popular guitarists. There

Top 10 Beginner Songs to play on Guitar

A lot of people aspire to learn guitar and move their hands on the strings of the guitar. The stylish way of performance by the guitarists compels the spectators to grab a guitar with their hands and wrist and play their favorite songs. However, some people end up losing track of the chords progression in

Why should you learn Guitar?

Guitar is a great instrument to show your talent and creativity to the world. There are number of people who love to play because they want to look cool, since guitarists are very popular for their personality. Some other people love to play guitar because they want to impress others. However, there are numerous other